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Creative Resources 

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As a content creator, I use Canva for just about everything! From social media posts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to beautiful Pinterest pins and digital media covers for my blog articles! Canva Pro is packed with features that both you and your readers will love. Canva makes the design process simple with over 18 million users in over 100 languages it allows users to create from anywhere. 

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Design anything

60 million+ photos & elements

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If you write a blog or work online in any capacity then my first recommendation is to sign up for Grammarly! This is an online platform that once installed on your device can check and edit your documents as you go ensuring that you never submit a document with a typo ever again! Upgrade to the Premium account for even more amazing benefits such as supplying you with over 400 different types of grammar checks including checking plagiarism and vocabulary enhancement. 

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For the last 4 years, I have been hosting and creating my website with Wix. As a brand new blogger with no website design or coding experience at the time, Wix was the best place to start building my brand. Now, Wix has more features than ever allowing you to fully custom build your website without any difficulty. If you are a blogger, digital nomad, photographer, storyteller, or have your own business, Wix can get you started for FREE. I currently use the Wix platform with a Premium Plan and use the Domain and Email plans which keeps everything in the one place.


Create a FREE account with WIX today. Upgrade to a Premium Plan from just $13 US a month. Wix frequently has 50% off sales on upgrades and offer added discounts for yearly subscribers.


Start creating today and join over 109 million daily users with Wix. 

Travel Resources 


Air BnB is one of many platforms that you can use to search for accommodation around the world but it is definitely one of the best for finding unique experiences and cheap long-term stays! I rented a room in a unit complex in Yogyakarta Indonesia, stayed in a Tiny House on the beach in Byron Bay Australia, and even spent 2 weeks of self-isolation in a fully-contained apartment in Bandung Indonesia after required travel during Covid-19! Whatever you are searching for ~ Air Bnb has your accommodation covered.


Sign up to Air Bnb and you will get up to $22 AUD off your first trip! This is enough to cover one night's accommodation in many places across Southeast Asia! 

Click here to get $22 AUD off your first trip! 


Hostelworld has to be one of the most popular booking platforms loved by backpackers and nomads all over the world. The best part is that there is something for every budget! Looking to share a dorm and save some much-needed cash, or prefer a private room but still want to stay somewhere social? Check out the deals on offer with Hostelworld in your next destination! I have used this platform to book Nomad Co-working Hostels, Private Rooms with Ensuite and Female Only Dorms all over Southeast Asia. Hostelworld offers 24/7 customer service in 19 different languages.



Transferwise has been a total lifesaver for not just my business transactions but for safely sending money from Australia overseas. It offers excellent security, with minimal fees and an appropriate exchange rate. Basically, it is a multi-currency account that allows you to send and receive money from abroad. There is even a Debit Mastercard in certain regions and you can work within the account in 40+ different global currencies.  

Check it out by clicking the box below! Interesting in becoming an affiliate? Anyone can join so be sure to click the link and check it out today!

My Backpacking Essentials 



I have been travelling Southeast Asia with this backpack for the past 18 months and absolutely recommend it for any traveller who needs a lightweight and compact backpack. This model is great for digital nomads as it has a secure area purpose-built for your laptop. The straps across the front help you to reduce the bulk of your baggage and the supporting straps fit comfortably over your shoulders. The Osprey Farpoint 40 L is one of the most popular backpacks on the market, especially for women, and after hauling mine around Indonesia it still looks good as new!


I find the Eagle Creek Packing Cubes to be a very unique and compact design as the shape is different from many other packing cubes on the market. The cubes are water-resistant and because they are made from a durable fabric they can easily be added to the wash when they get dirty! The fabric is similar to that of an outdoor tent or backpack so you can be sure they are built for travel plus the are so incredibly light they won't add to your luggage. They come in multiple colour packs, I use the Blue but also have added a white set to my shopping list!


Confession! I own these in 4 colours and can't travel without them. I first came across the Osprey compression sacks when I was travelling in Indonesia to an island that required me to compact my travelling items for 3 months into my Osprey backpack. This included my clothing and my diving gear, swimwear, travel towel; everything! The compression sacks are fantastic for wet clothing, laundry, space-saving and keeping your items safe during travel inside your bag - an extra layer of protection. Whenever I go on a road trip, I pack everything into one of these waterproof dry bags, clip it up, and throw it into my day bag! Check out why this product is one of Amazon's Choice Products for 2020.  


This is my all-time favourite rain jacket! This rain jacket is exceptionally good at keeping out the wet weather and wind chill which is perfect for travelling across Southeast Asia, on boats, in the tropical months. For me, this was an investment as I knew I would wear it constantly in Indonesia. 


The compact and portable rain cover folds up into a small carry bag which can be easily stored away until you need to use it. Simply stretch it over your backpack! The reason why I love Osprey is that they have an entire range of gear-carrying solutions that make the journey that much easier and stress-free. The minimalist designs are ideal for my type of travel. The rain cover folds up into its own case to make room for other items while not in use. 


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