Travel For Change is supporting a beautiful family in Siem Reap Cambodia. This family of five is compromised of a hard working Father who is a long time tuk-tuk driver and tour guide, a dedicated stay at home Mother caring for three children.  

There are many factors that create complexities for children when it comes to attending school; including increasing school costs.

Children often disengage from primary level education to work and support their parents or to care for the elderly.

English language studies come at an additional cost and many students do not learn to read or write English without ongoing lessons. 

For information on how you can help support the children in this family to attend school, please connect with me via email. 

If you are travelling to Siem Reap Cambodia, check out Trusty Tuk Tuk. Sokly has a certificate of excellence, amazing reviews and will take good care of you as you wander and explore the region. 

Supporting the work of local tour guides and drivers is so important especially in the low season.

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Travel For Change is supporting a local tutorial centre and kindergarten located on Batam Islands Indonesia. 2019 will see a third volunteer trip to the school to facilitate teaching English Language lessons to young adults and supporting local teachers with their classrooms at the Kindergarten. English Language tutoring comes as an additional form of study for Primary and High School students whom often attend lessons in the evenings.


Children who attend the Kindergarten have the ability to start their language learning early, developing their communication skills and confidence from a young age. Travel For Change trips to Batam are self-funded and aim to provided support through donating school supplies such as stickers, books, stationary as well as through teaching voluntarily to any students who want to improve their language skills. 

For more information on this project please connect with me via email.


You can read more about my experience in Batam here and don't forget to follow my journey @travelforchangeblog. 

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