Winning The Blogger Recognition Award - The Importance Of Community

The Blogger Recognition Award is this wonderful concept where other bloggers from across the world nominate each other to win the award and then share the information via an article on their own website and on their social media platforms.

Travel For Change was nominated by a creative blog Home Spun Posh. For anyone who is starting their blog or aiming to share their message, the need to have this space as an outlet is so important. The Blogger Recognition Award is a great way to show others what we do through peer support, appreciation and ongoing encouragement.

How does the Blogger Recognition Award work?

- Write an article about the award

- Share a story about how their blog got started

- Give 2 pieces of advice to other bloggers

- Thank whoever nominated them and add a link to that blog

- Nominate 15 Blogs for the award and list them in the article

It's simple and effective! Firstly, thank you to Home Spun Posh for nominating my blog and for crediting it as a 'very informative blog on how to travel responsibly'. It is great to see the message of responsible tourism is being delivered through the website.


After travelling around Southeast Asia, working and volunteering abroad I decided I wanted a platform where I could write about all of the experience I gained and what it taught me. I will use my blog as I continue to travel and visit new destinations. My blog has brought so many wonderful travellers and bloggers to me through social media and I have made some amazing connections with unique individuals all advocating to make a difference. I continue to encourage sustainable, ethical and compassionate volunteer work that does not involve tourists working at orphanages or care facilities.


Don't be afraid to write about your niche:

As travel bloggers, there are so many available blogging sites to visit which can be a bit disheartening when you want to start up your very own! Don't let this deter you from writing your own story! The best part about it is that you are sharing your unique experiences, photos, stories, tips and opportunities with others and eventually you will find a way to make your own blogging identity that people will love.

Find a community:

This is the most important piece of advice that I have as a new blogger. Finding a community via social media and through joining up to online courses or mailing lists has been the best way to find the answers to my questions and to receive ongoing motivation.