Surprisingly Easy Tips For Working Creatively Online in 2021

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According to the calendar, it is already December 2020. For the entire year, I have been trying to find my place as a 'digital nomad' or 'content creator'.

In the last few months, I have taken the focus off my own blog & instead spent time working on multiple projects whilst my website was rebranded for 2021.

So, this month I opened a Print On Demand store with Etsy and now design my own planners, posters, digital downloads, postcards and more.

This is a brand new project that I am excited to continue within 2021.

If you are wondering how you can start creating online too, don't' worry, I want you to learn that it is possible! Here are my 5 simple starting tips:

Open an ETSY shop

Organising a shop on Etsy is the best place to start selling creative ideas. Let's stick with prints for the purpose of this article. If you make prints or any type of graphic design (posters, stickers, mugs, tees) you can list them for sale on Etsy and reach a global market.

Check out my Etsy shop Travel For Change!

Signing up with Etsy is FREE and listings start from just twenty cents per item.

But what about creating the actual product? If you want to offer digital downloads, you add the download to the listing and the customer will receive it as soon as the purchase is made. You do not have to worry about creating a physical product, shipping etc.

If you want to offer your customers physical prints, framed prints or merchandise but don't want to make them yourself - try a Print On Demand Service.

I have partnered with a Print On Demand service called Printful. This allows me to offer both a digital download option at a cheaper price or a physical item if someone would like the print to be made and shipped to their location Printful can be integrated into your Etsy shop meaning you create the listings on your Printful dashboard and they pop up in your Listings on Etsy in Drafts.

Simply double-check the information is correct, add the shipping information and publish the listing on your Etsy shop. Print On Demand is trending because you have no upfront costs or stress because Printful takes care of everything for you, all you need to do is make the design and place the order online.

Create your content in Canva

I use Canva to make all of my prints. The program has plenty of free fonts, graphics, templates and photos that you can use (be sure to check the commercial license) and note that you can not resell the templates as these belong to Canva.

Instead, you can start with a blank page and use the platform to work from scratch to create your print. You can then use Canva to make your logo, banner and store designs!

Canva is FREE or you can upgrade for a fee to Canva Premium to unlock even more features.

If you sign up with Canva and create a design using my affiliate link you'll earn Canva Credits to get a Premium Element for free!

Shop amazing graphics & fonts at Creative Market

If you are concerned about copyright or feel like you aren't ready to design each element on your own - don't stress. Browse through Creative Market!

All you have to do is select the Commercial License option and you are able to use it on your designs. For most of the items, this means up to 5000 units can be sold on the Commercial License, but be sure to read the details on the product you specifically purchase.

Download the file, upload it to your personal media in Canva and then just drag and drop it onto the page! It's that easy to do.

Just make sure you add your own concept, text, colours etc so you are not simply reselling the graphic you bought off Creative Market on Etsy - you must add your own work to be able to say it is your design.

Creative Market is FREE and products start from just $2.00

Check out my Canva link on the Resources Page!

Find stock photo's on Unsplash

I am in LOVE with Unsplash. I am not a professional photographer but I adore incredible travel photography. Unsplash has been a huge help when it comes to finding photos for Ebooks, Social Media Marketing and my Blog on Wix.

I also use Unsplash to create what are called Mock-Ups for my Etsy store.

Basically, this is where you take your digital download or image - and place it into an empty photo frame, on a blank screen or onto a template (mock-up) in Canva and use that to advertise your product in your store.

You can purchase mock-up bundles off Creative Marketplace, but if you are brand new to Etsy and want to save your money like I do, using free stock images is a good idea.

Unsplash accounts are FREE but you can help give the photographers credit by embedding their link on the image.

Don't forget to pin everything you make to Pinterest

Pinterest has certainly been a slight obsession for me in 2020. During the lockdown, I started to learn more about how Pinterest can be used to drive traffic to my blog and my store. You can pin any of your listing photos to your Pinterest, and add Pinterest to your blog or website to get more visits to your shop.

Pinterest is FREE

Once you have made your first design, create a listing on Etsy and start promoting your shop! I don't have any rules when I create my designs or list my products. I make whatever comes to mind that I think will bring happiness and encouragement to others.

If you use any of these tools to create your designs - comment your store below so I can support you! Working online brings you the freedom to take your office (and your designs) anywhere!

There has never been a better time to try something new and make the most of every opportunity. I highly recommend joining a few Facebook groups for Etsy Sellers, Etsy Beginners, and Etsy Marketing to help promote your shop for free and network with other sellers.

I hope this article helps to get you started on your creative journey.