My Top 15 Travel And Blogging Resources For New Digital Nomads

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Can you believe we have passed the halfway point for 2020? This year has presented us with difficult challenges, both mentally and physically, leaving many of us questioning our chosen path. One thing that is for certain, more people are moving towards working online than ever before. Creating a work-life balance isn't always easy but for those who love to travel; it is worth every moment. Working remotely is growing increasingly popular, so this means there are new opportunities out there for you every day!

This is why I decided to launch my Travel For Change Freelancing business and start building towards a new goal that would allow me to help my clients and continue travelling. Working online offers you a certain amount of freedom, but mostly what it gives you is a platform. You can take your online platform all over the world and make a difference!

Here are my Top 15 Travel and Blogging Resources to help you out with your blog or online business. I personally use all of these platforms and products and share only what I think is a worthwhile investment. With travel plans on hold, there really is no better time to get started! If funds are small to start with, sign up for free subscriptions, you can always upgrade to the premium features and plans later as your traffic grows. I have included a few of my favourite travel accessories for you to check out ~ Happy Blogging!

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There is an overwhelming amount of information online for new digital nomads. Every blog, vlog, or social media platform tells you what you need to make a start on your creative ideas! It can be very confusing and disheartening if you don't have the money to invest in your website! Don't worry! I am here to tell you that everyone has to begin somewhere and you can build your brand as you go without breaking the bank.


As a content creator, I use Canva for just about everything! From social media posts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to beautiful Pinterest pins and digital media covers for my blog articles! Canva Pro is packed with features that both you and your readers will love. Canva makes the design process simple with over 18 million users in over 100 languages it allows users to create from anywhere.

Sign up for Canva today its FREE or create a Canva Pro account - the first 30 days of Pro are FREE - continue just $9.95 US a month.

Design anything

60 million+ photos & elements

3000+ fonts or upload your own


​If you write a blog or work online in any capacity then my first recommendation is to sign up for Grammarly! This is an online platform that once installed on your device can check and edit your documents as you go ensuring that you never submit a document with a typo ever again! Upgrade to the Premium account for even more amazing benefits such as supplying you with over 400 different types of grammar checks including checking plagiarism and vocabulary enhancement.