My Top 10 Eco-Friendly Travel Essentials

Who doesn't love some eco-friendly, vegan, travel essentials for their wishlist! At Travel For Change, I buy products that are low-cost, high-quality and as good for the environment as possible. If you are in the market for a new favourite travel item, check out my latest Top 10 must-haves, and see if something stands out for you!

Sustainable products offer a great return on investment because you can reuse them, travel with them or keep them with you at home. They also make fantastic gift ideas. Looking for a way to spread the eco-friendly, low-waste, lifestyle with your family or friends? Green gifts are perfect for everyone no matter if they are travelling or not.

Researching what to pack is time-consuming. What do you even look for? Zero or low chemical content in washing products? Quality? Cruelty-free? Vegan? Fairtrade? Palm-oil-free?

With so many labels the responsibility of shopping sustainably can be overwhelming even for experienced eco travellers. In this guide, I highlight key ways to check your products as well as list some of my favourites to save you time and money.

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Buy Local

Buying local eco-friendly products shortens the supply chain, the products have less packaging, they don’t require long-distance transportation energy, and it supports small businesses. Check if your local area has a weekend market selling organic products or if the local stores offer plastic-free alternatives.

Natural Food Stores and Organic Groceries Stores usually have an aisle dedicated to toiletries and personal care items.

Look For Certified Products

Ask questions about the products that you purchase. Even if the powerful marketing words state that the products are eco-friendly, organic, green or sustainable, it is not necessarily authentic. Product certification is a step in the right direction.

Check for Organic Certification, Vegan Certification and Cruelty-Free Certification.

Try Zero-Packaging Toiletries

There are some delicious zero-packaging toiletries on the market, shop around for a zesty solid shampoo bar, gorgeous essential oil body wash and facial soap bars and fresh feeling solid deodorants. This will save the planet by using minimal or no plastic in the packaging. Choose products with organic ingredients to make even more of your purchasing power.

Purchase a reusable tin to store your new soap bars for travelling. How about trying a bamboo toothbrush? The toothbrush handle is made from bamboo, and the bristles are plant-based. Ensure to research the content of the products you use. Did you know that many of the exfoliating facial washes contain microscopic plastic beads?

By using only organic plant-based products you can ensure that the product is safe for your skin and the water system it washes into.

Read The Ingredients

It's a good idea to start to understand what you are absorbing into your body through your skin. You can look for the little bunny on the label of beauty merchandise that denotes that the products are beauty free; these products also tend to be gentler on the skin. Some terminology can sound terrifying, but are actually very good for your skin!

For example, ferulic acid is an antioxidant made from the seeds of apples and oranges, which helps with anti-ageing and tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate is vitamin C, which, when applied topically, brightens dull skin and banishes wrinkles. To avoid having to check each ingredient, the best option is to just go vegan and organic.

Why? These products will likely have something on the packaging that says they are Free From Parabens, Silicones, Dyes and Animal Products. This eliminates the majority of ingredients which harm the earth.

A Certified Vegan product is often created with the intention to eliminate animal by-products, animal testing and environmental damage.