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Inspirational travel stories from Thailand to Peru | Wanderers Collection

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Katy & Candice are both talented, creative and inspiring young women who travelled from their home town in Thailand to explore the beauty of Peru.

Writing, baking, fashion, photography, design, you name these girls can do it fabulously and I am happy to share a little piece of their journey abroad as part of the WANDERERS Collection.

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” Jack Kerouac

Peru Part 1

By Katy

I always loved the idea of travelling. It’s not that my everyday life is bland and tasteless, but I think travelling gives me time to reflect. A trip to Arequipa, #Peru, was a dream. I remember untangling thousands of emotions inside of me. Since I was young, I often found myself being shy in a group of foreigners; well, not shy, but embarrassed by being me. In a group all that mattered was that I was Asian.

Again, since a young age, I and the other Asian kids were sometimes taught to believe we were less important than that of people in western countries. We were taught to see westerners as being beautiful, intelligent, with a lighter more preferred skin colour and in every possible way better than us. Of course, after being stuffed with negative thoughts over a long period, our inner thoughts started to believe that it is true.

On the trekking trip in #Arequipa, I was surrounded by only westerners; no Asian people. During the first couple hours of the trip, I found myself feeling so embarrassed by how I looked, how I dressed, and how my teeth were so crooked that I didn’t talk much. People kept smiling at me and tried talking to me every now and then.

I asked myself how weird it was that people want to know me when I looked so ugly and stupid! Lucky me, I could catch on that thought right when it slipped out of nowhere into my mind. I was shocked! I was really surprised to finally realise that those negative thoughts I had of me were from nobody but me and me only.

For years, I’d been feeling so negative about my own race and how I look. For years, I’d been excluding myself from speaking out and hanging out in the group of foreigners in the way I would have liked. All these negative thoughts were on my mind.

On the trip, everybody was so friendly and eager to talk to me. There were two Dutchmen who started talking with me, and every time I opened my mouth to say something, they leaned closer and with their eyes growing wider they let me know that whatever words were said; they were #curious and ready to listen.

That’s when I realised all the mess I had created up in my mind; I started to look at the opposite sides of the lies I had created. Later in the evening, my sister Candice and I went for a nice chocolate treat at the famous chocolate place in downtown Arequipa. I told her “I think I now know why I often find myself feeling so upset in a group of foreigners, I look down on myself because of how I was taught at a young age.”

I realised through my travels that my job is to create the #self-love and #self-respect in which I and my body deserve. Esther, a friend who wherever she goes, once she walks into a crowd, the first vibe people receive from her is #confidence! She doesn’t care about how she looks, what she looks for is to just have fun, and live her life. I really think that is something so essential to life. I have always admired her for it. I want more of that in my own life both when I #travel and when I am home.

I think what I really need to do now is to give myself the love and the respect that I need, including a change from the negative thoughts in which I had towards my body and how I look. I now see myself returning home feeling greater, accepting myself, and more importantly enjoying life! This #journey to Peru has taught me so much, I have discovered many beautiful and life-changing things.

“Cause, after all, nothing can ever stop me from being me, either you from being you”

Peru Part 2

By Candice

Many of us wish to learn about new #cultures in different places, and there are many ways to achieve this. Some may choose to learn from books, some may choose to learn from films and some will choose to do it by going there! I #travel, not too often, rather occasionally, to places such as Peru. I proudly call myself, like other people often do, a traveller.

There is no one true definition of what makes someone a true traveller. Again, some may choose to go through the architecture, some may choose to go through its history, however, on my account, travelling through the food and local cuisine seems to be my most beloved approach for getting to know the #heart of the places I visit.

Before going to #Peru last summer, I was really into making bread. I was attracted to bread for its simplicity and the comfort it brings people. Once I landed in Peru, it was as if every step I took on the Inca ground was to find the traces of bread the witch had left as part of her plan in alluring the children to follow her back to her candy cabin in the woods.

It was like a fairy tale, except it was not the witch, but the local people who put the bread in every place in the city! There was bread everywhere. Literally, everywhere. On the streets, in the baskets, on the counters, on people's hands and even on the backs of the people who tried to sell bread as they moved around.

I was also really fascinated by the Peruvian food #culture. My fascination did not stop at just Lima Peru, the capital, where I spent most of the three months of University break as an intern at the Royal Thai Embassy. I decided that if I was already in the land where bread is highly praised and eaten by every person in the country, I had to learn as much as I could about the art of bread making.

And so, there I was, travelling to other provinces and regions, mostly as a culinary trip where food came first and sightseeing came second. My twin sister, my beloved travel companion and I went to Colca, trekking the second deepest canyon for nights and days, plus touring every little spot and stopping at almost every bakery the #city could offer to try the new bread and observe the way people cook or even eat food.

Then, we travelled to Huaraz, the land of bread, settled in the northern part of Peru, and oh my my my… I couldn't count how many new breads I had tasted during that trip! During the day, we would spend the entire time trekking over 5000 feet in the #mountains and left our early mornings or late nights to observe the local markets and admired piles of bread stacking up as high as the mountain we walked up the previous day.

Next, we were off to Ayacucho, the land of my beloved #Peruvian host family. There, my love for bread grew even deeper. I got to experience how important bread was to the Peruvian culture. The people cherish their bread and must have it every morning and night. Obviously, bread is their staple dish. Moreover, knowing well of my obsession with food (especially bread), my host family sneaked me into the old bake house one night so that I would have a chance to see an ancient and colossal stone oven which has been used for generations; it was unbelievable.

I ran my fingers along the old stone oven and the tough fabric covered with white flour, and at that moment, I realised I was born to be a bread baker. I realised that was my #journey, for both my past, present and perhaps, my future. I was uncertain of it before but being in Peru, for the entire 3 months, travelling to places and following my interest and passion along the way, I was, at last, sure of who I was.  I now know, just like anyone else who has ever stepped out of their #comfort zone, that travelling brings you so much more than just a new experience. In fact, it brings us much solace about ourselves; I could realise my true self.

This journey of discovering my love for bread and food was a self-discovery. I'd never stop being a traveller by afoot and nobody ever should. Go out and #discover what you are passionate about, learn it through the people you meet and the places you end up loving. Nothing will teach you more about yourself than the art of travelling the world. Check out some of our photography below and join us on social media.

Enjoy the journey ~ Katy & Candice.

You can connect with Katy and Candice who are based in Bangkok Thailand here on Instagram for travel & food inspiration!



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