What You Need To Know About Being Vegan In Indonesia

Travelling as a vegan does not have to be difficult in Indonesia.

If you travel to Indonesia, you will be blessed with an abundance of great tropical fruit, fresh produce, herbs, spices and, of course, soybean tempeh!

If you are plant-based, Bali is a foodies paradise. You will have no shortage of places to eat and can find 100% vegan cafes, vegan coffee, vegan snacks, vegan catering, vegan cakes and every type of vegan meal you could dream of.

I encourage you to also look beyond the tourist hub and discover authentic Indonesian cuisine in other locations. Each region has its traditional cooking methods, unique flavours and speciality ingredients that the city is famous for.

It would be impossible to cover Indonesian cuisine in just one article. Here you will find the basics, and I hope it encourages you to give the vegan food options a try.


Let's see what excellent vegan food is waiting for you here in Indonesia.

produce market in Bali Indonesia
Fresh Fruit And Vegetables On Sale At The Market

It is hard to believe that in a region so rich with diverse fruits and vegetables, and a place that is the home of tempeh, that a plant-based diet is not more common. Meat and seafood still play a major role in the local cuisine and many say that they simply don't understand the vegan lifestyle or see a need to stop eating meat.

Meat is still consumed for certain holidays, religious ceremonies and celebrations.

A recent survey in 2019 highlighted the following: Reasons for not eating plant-based foods in Indonesia

- It is difficult to find it where I live: 46%

- It costs more than the original: 35%

- Did not see a need for plant-based alternatives to meat: 25%

- Plant-based doesn't taste as good as the original: 22%

- Not sure of the ingredients compared to the original: 12%

- Other reasons: 9%

- Believe plant-based is not nutritious: 3%

So, is the vegan movement making progress in Indonesia? According to Karim Taslim the head of the World Vegan Organisation, “Veganism is definitely on its way to becoming mainstream."

After Bali, Jakarta is now the second most vegan-friendly city in Indonesia.