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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips Part 3 | Wanderers Collection

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Travel For Change asks Amy 5 key Eco-Friendly Travel Questions to help encourage our readers to explore what it means to be a responsible traveller.

Amy currently resides in Australia and up until recently has been exploring and living in Peru and Chile. Amy has also backpacked destinations including Indonesia, Fiji, Thailand and embraces a minimalist lifestyle at home and on the road.

In your own words what does Eco-friendly travel mean to you?

Eco-friendly #travel is about making a consciousness effect to reduce your negative impact on the environment wherever you go. This also means considering how you can leave a positive impact on the locations you #travel by either volunteering your skills or supporting the local economy through eating and buying locally. To me it is all about your own awareness and what you can do to ensure you don't harm the environment.

What Eco-friendly travel trends have you embraced on your own travels? Any reason why you decided to make this change?

I made the switch to #natural soaps, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant many years ago. I travel with my #homemade deodorant and use Dr. Bronner’s soap for my body and hair. I made a chemical free change due to my own research on the negative effect things such as sodium lauryl sulphate has on our bodies and the #environment.

We absorb a large amount of chemicals from cosmetics through our skin which is worse than drinking it and it can affect the planet as it washes into waterways and soil. I like to think that everywhere I go in the world I am not washing these #chemicals down the drain or putting it into my own body. Natural products are simple to make, affordable and don't cause harm to you or mother nature.

Do you prefer to use a reusable water bottle or do you purchase one-time use plastic water bottles on your travels or both?

I would much prefer to use my own reusable bottle, but honestly during most of my travels I have bought bottled #water due to not always being able to refill with filtered water. In some cases, this was the safest bet depending on the remote locations I was visiting. In other cases,

I drank tap water and re used my #plastic bottles for short periods to recycle them for a bit and then reused the next one I had. On my next travels I plan on purchasing a filtered water bottle, so I will be able to fill up anywhere and know that I am drinking safe water. It is great to reflect and learn lessons on how to be even more #sustainable and I love that more products are appearing on the market to make it possible for everyone to reduce their use of one-time plastics!

Do you have any plastic free travel essentials that you would recommend to other travellers; such as fabric bags, bamboo toiletries, mason jars or reusable coffee cups?

I would recommend the water bottle with a filter in it which I intend to purchase on my next adventure and also a bamboo toothbrush; they are great because they are #biodegradable and affordable. In #Australia, over 30 million plastic toothbrushes are used and discarded annually into landfill and remain there infinitely. You can learn more about plastic toothbrushes here via 1 million women.

Lastly, which convenient plastic items do you find the hardest to swap for Eco-friendly versions when you are travelling?

The hardest thing I have found is take away containers and items such as throw away plates and cutlery because I have never travelled with my own containers.

It can be a challenge to avoid #plastic bags when they are used in places such as Southeast Asia for prepacked food, soups and even ice tea or coffee.

I look forward to being more purposeful with my reusable takeaway containers and fabric bags in the future!

You can follow Amy's Journey on Instagram

Amy creates amazing Eco-friendly deodorant paste in glass travel jars you can contact her through Instagram to order your very own!

Travel For Change encourages you to make Eco-friendly choices which are kind to the planet and all living beings when you travel. It is important to be the change in the travelling community and be creative to reduce your footprint on the earth. Take care of the ocean, the air, the animals and one another and please share your ideas with us here in the comments.

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