How This Eco-Friendly Tote Bag Is Helping Ocean Conservation Projects

Ocean Edition A plastic-free bag with an important message 'Stop Shark Finning' #stopsharkfinning

Welcome to a special edition on the blog! This is to announce the exciting product launch for the Eco-Friendly Tote Bag in partnership with my husband Ethey, Founder of creative artwork business

Ethey On Toast.

The Tote Bag

Material: Canvas

Size: 38 cm x 38 cm

Features: Internal Pocket

Closure: Zip

Design: Embroidery

Production: Small independent tailors and suppliers in Bandung Indonesia

Shipping: Domestic + International shipping is available, tracking on all items from Bandung, contact for a postage quote

Packaging: Plastic-Free paper bag packaging *Please note we package our products plastic-free though unfortunately we can not control the final use of packaging by the local postage company. We request our packages are sent without additional plastic padding.

Price: $18.00 US + shipping costs | 250,000 Indonesian Rupiah + shipping costs


Prior to the unpredictable events of 2020, we had been living on this amazing island for the diving season and Ethey was working as an instructor. It is the most incredible location to explore the ocean. We will always be grateful for the community we have in Banda.

Together, after returning to Bandung West Java to wait out the pandemic, we wanted to continue to find creative, positive outlets to help the ocean conservation efforts we saw first hand in Banda Neira.

Luminocean and BandaSEA work hard to create a beautiful co-existence between people and the environment.

Luminocean focusses on Marine Ecology Courses and the Luminocean Foundation is it's Non-Profit sector operating in Indonesia. In Bahasa Indonesian the Foundation is called Yayasan Cahaya Samudera. In partnership with the Foundations German Partner BandaSEA e.V they assist the island of Banda with Environmental Educational Programs, Recycling Waste and Plastic, Computer Classes For Children, and the set-up of the islands first Recycling Facility. You can learn about these amazing initiatives by downloading this brochure.

If you would like to learn more about the Ocean Clean Up efforts, you can read my article

Cleaning Banda Neira or visit the BandaSEA website.


50% of profits made from the sale of the OCEAN EDITION tote bags will go directly to the Luminocean Foundation and BandaSEA. This will help local projects during a time when tourism is at it's lowest.

Check out some of our happy customers from around the world loving their eco tote bag Ocean Edition!

Why Shark Finning?

The OCEAN EDITION is our signature bag featuring the #stopsharkfinning hashtag to raise awareness of this cruel and ongoing industry out at sea. This is why my bag carries this important message


The scalloped hammerhead is not the only shark targeted for its fins. An estimated 73 million sharks are being killed each year for their fins alone. Sadly, around 30 per cent of Indonesia's 117 known shark species are considered threatened or endangered. The massive decline in the shark population is a global problem. Humans are killing sharks at a much faster rate than sharks can repopulate. It is estimated that the required amount of product for shark fin soup tops 800,000 metric tons a year!

This is the main reason for shark finning, the soup has a long tradition in Chinese culture and Chinese Medicine making it popular in East Asian societies. Shark finning is big money. A bowl of soup can sell in Hong Kong for over $100 a serve, thought of as a luxury item, that encourages good fortune and status.

So whilst you may have heard about shark fin soup, you might not know much about the process. To be honest, conducting research for this content was disheartening and upsetting. The images are graphic. The numbers are overwhelming. Shark fishing and finning is destroying eco systems and leading these beautiful endangered species to near extinction.

I won't include anything too distressing in this article, but I feel it is important to note that shark finning is when a shark, often still alive on the boat, has its fins cut off before being thrown back into the ocean to drown. This awful practice is illegal in many destinations but it is still ongoing. Taking only the fins back to shore saves weight and space on the vessel plus the fins bring in the largest profit at the market.



Banda Neira in Maluku Indonesia is famous for large schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks. This is the highlight for many tourists who travel here from around the world just for a chance to sight the hammerhead sharks peacefully swimming by.

Your support is the best gift you could give to Travel For Change and Ethey On Toast! Both of our small businesses desire to give back and support local organisations in Indonesia.

Cherie & Ethey.

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Join The Campaign

Animal Welfare Institute are leading an effort to compel restaurants in US states and territories that currently serve shark fin soup, dumplings, and other shark fin products to cease. have a petition to stop shark fin exports from Australia that you can sign. Shark finning at sea is illegal in Australia but these laws are difficult to regulate and police. The solution is a Sales Ban on shark fin soup in Australia. Request the ban of shark fin today!

Stop Finning EU offer a petition to request the ban of the shark fin trade in the EU. On July 14th 2020 they celebrated World Shark Day to raise awareness of shark finning. The slogan was "Keep The Fins On! Stop The Trade".