Eco-Friendly Brands; Ethical, Vegan, Sustainable Lifestyle Essentials In Bali

Travelling Bali is a dream for anyone who loves unique, sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan brands.

Here are 10 of my favourite brands and businesses, plus 2 more that I have added to my wish list.

There are no affiliate or sponsored links in this article, just my own personal recommendations of mindful businesses that I loved when I was in Bali.

In no particular order, here they are.

1. Kynd Community Vegan Restaurant Bali

Photo from Kynd Website

- Popular 100% vegan cafe in Bali that is an absolute must-visit for delicious healthy food.

- Menu is plant-based, with smoothies, salad bowls, burgers, wood-fired pizza and more!

- Offer a range of products from cookery books, kynd branded tees, sarongs and totes, other sustainable products like brass spoons and servers, reusable coffee containers and reusable bamboos straws and cutlery.

- Courses available via an online cooking platform about plant-based diets and making the right kind of choices for the planet and your health.

My favourite meal is the Bli Buddah Salad Bowl packed with a variety of nutritious vegetables, pumpkin hummus & garlic sourdough bread. Don't miss out on vegan dessert; the chocolate icecream is so incredible and refreashing in tropical Bali!



Vegan smoothie bowls are super healthy and make the perfect breakfast!

2. Zero Waste Store Bali

Photo from Zero Waste Bali Website

- Bali’s only bulk food store offering a convenience store, delivery and refill service.

- The new store features a bulk food grocery section and a deli.

- Selling a range of eco-friendly accessories, body and bath items, kitchen and cleaning items, and cooking ingredients.

- Bring your own container/glass jar or they provide a recycled paper bag (100% plastic-free).

- Delivery services are available; shop in-store or online.

- Subscribe to the Bali Refillution Subscription to save time and money as you shop zero-waste!

Some of my favourite products are the ginger tablets (amazing for travel days), green tea shampoo, coconut & rosemary conditioner, the organic loofah and the bamboo cotton buds.


3. Sun & Sage Vegan Clothing & Animal Rescue

Photo from Sun & Sage website

- Vegan tees for men, women and children made locally in Bali.

- Sun & Sage have raised over £6,000 through sales to fund rescue costs for street animals in Bali.

- Gives vegans the opportunity to wear ethically made clothing and support animals.

- Profits helps to cover medical and vet bills, food, medicine, transport and housing for the street animals who are rescued by Sun & Sage.

You can learn more about the incredible animal rescues here "Rescuing the Bali street dogs & cats"



Shop & Support the Bali street animal rescues at Sun & Sage Ethical Vegan Clothing

4. Hair Seminyak by Davines

Photo from Hair Seminyak website

- Hair Seminyak is a modern Socially Conscious Davines Salon that offers products free of sulfates, parabens, palm oil, PPD’s, GMO’s, artificial colours and fillers.

- Plant-based, natural and cruelty-free products.

- Sell a range of products in the salon to take home for aftercare and hair maintenance.

- Offering exclusive services to help treat and restore your hair, includes the Olaplex ranges vegan and free from harmful parabens and sulfates.

- The salon has a global team of highly skilled and talented creative stylists ready to help you transform your hair.

My favourite service is the in-salon Olaplex Treatment finished with a cut and blowdry.


5. Maria Curau Nail Salon Bali

Photo from Maria Curau website

"Maria Curau was opened in tribute to her and all she stood for: that one’s health and well being is harmonised when in unity with the earth".

- A gorgeous day spa offering Manicure, pedicure and massage services.

- All products, including creams, scrubs and oils are derived from plant-based materials and are free of toxins and chemicals and are vegan and cruelty free.

- Nail polishes contain no toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, parabens, fragrances, p, animal-derived,l-derived or tested ingredients.

My favourite treatment is the Classic Nail Service which is a treatment that begins with a soak in fresh cucumber and peppermint aromatherapy bath, massage, and finishes with the application of nail polish.


Vegan nail polish looks stunning without causing harm

6. Utama Spice Bali

Photo from Utama Spice Bali website

- A 100% natural skincare brand with products based on traditional Balinese herbal knowledge called the Tri Hita Karana philosophy - working harmoniously with humanity, nature and the divine.

- A wide range of natural products are available, including lip balm, soap, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, moisturiser, deodorant, sunscreen and salt scrubs.

- The range also features household and wellness essentials such as aromatherapy oils, yoga mat spray cleaners, candles, incense and essential oil blends for meditation.

My favourite product is the essential oil roller called Revive a mix of fennel, nutmeg, mint and ginger which works to clear the mind and relieve headaches.



7. Plant Cartel Vegan Food Bali

Photo from Plant Cartel website

- 100% plant-based food made with local ingredients, including fresh vegetables, herbs, nuts, beans and grains.

- The menu features plant-based burgers, noodle salad, loaded fries, hotdogs, smoothies and dessert.

- A member of 1% For The Planet donating 1% of profits to environmental causes.

- Majority of their packaging is made from environmentally friendly materials.

My favourite item on the menu is the best type of vegan junk food I found in Bali; the SFC Burger! A take on southern fried chicken with beetroot slaw and lettuce and chili mayo yet it is 100% plant-based and super delicious.



Have you tried a plant-based burger? Add fries or onion rings; delicious!

8. Sensatia Botanicals Bali

Photo from Sensatia Botanicals website

- Healthy skincare products containing natural ingredients are high-quality, cruelty-free raw materials carefully sourced from reputable, sustainably-minded individuals and companies.

The company was founded with a small team making handmade, cold-pressed coconut oil soaps and products containing no chemicals, artificial substances, or synthetic ingredients.

- Sustainable virtues, regular beach and temple clean-ups, biodegradable shopping bags, and collect empty glass bottles for recycling.

- Profit-share cooperation that empowers the local community.

My favourite products are part of the Unscented Senstive Skincare range and it is the first cleanser and scrub I have found that does not irritate my face. I recommend the Unscented Senstive Facial Scrub with Jicima to reduce inflammation and the Unscented Soapless Facial Cleanser with Papaya and Star Fruit.



9. Return Bali Clothing