A Destination Guide To Myanmar

Destination Myanmar! By Travel To Work.

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Tan is a travel writer at Travel To Work and has kindly contributed this article on Myanmar.

Myanmar, officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and also previously known as Burma, is comprised of many ethnic groups and has a population of over 54 million people. The country has been moving forward with the democracy that it has long struggled for and despite the ongoing social and humanitarian concerns; much of Myanmar is worth discovering.

Wander around popular sights such as Inle Lake, Shwedagon Pagoda, Bogyoke Market and discover how this destination is embracing sustainable tourism. Backpackers will have endless opportunities to explore all that is Myanmar!

General Practicalities

Tourism is one of the fastest developing sections in Myanmar; providing jobs for many people in the local community. However, it is still lacking the balance between the famous cities and the options to visit its remote areas. Depending on location, there are places where you need a special permit to visit. Make sure you contact an official local tour operator before you go to these sites.

We strongly recommend you follow these basic practices during your travels:

Leave nothing but your footprint when you explore and respect the local customs

Do not buy products made from animals which are marketed to tourists

Plan your itinerary to minimise carbon emissions

Bring environmentally products that don't harm the waterways

Use Public Transportation or if safe walk when possible

Respect Burmese Culture

Myanmar is a typical Buddhist country meaning that the local customs should be respected by tourists.

You may enjoy the local experience more appropriately by following this general advice:

Dress modestly when you visit a pagoda or temple (knees and shoulder should be covered)

Remove your shoes for any visits to religious sites and before going inside

Do not touch anyone on their head; it is considered to bring bad luck for them

Ask for permission when you take photos with local people or of religious monuments

Do ask women for a handshake or a hug first before engaging with them

It is advisable to ask your tour guide when you travel to off the beaten tourist track for an appropriate manner in the community

Mind your tone of