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A creative space for compassionate travel, responsible tourism and community projects. 


"Travel For Change sheds light on both beneficial and detrimental tourism practices, as well as important issues that are present in each region of Southeast Asia. This blog provides us with better ways to volunteer to make a difference.
The posts feature captivating images and it puts this blog on my list of resources".

The Wild Nemophilist

"This blog is so important!
The message - Travel and explore more; but be responsible and help make this world a better place. Sustainable Travel - what a great movement!"

Freedom Chasers

"When we are privileged and blessed enough to travel the world we need to do what we can in order to do it responsibly!

What an insightful blog! Travel for Change is such a great resource for people who are wanting to learn how to travel ethically and sustainably".

Plant-Based Kate


Currently Working From Bandung West Java Indonesia

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