A reflection of my travels, my soul and my vision. 

If travelling through Southeast Asia has taught me anything; its that the bigger picture matters the most.

This means our energy should go directly into long-term, sustainable projects which create positive change for the community.


The concept of wandering differently means we must think about our choices and the motivation behind our goals as we interact with the people we meet. I use this space on my blog Travel For Change to write openly about the harsh and often hidden realities of working or volunteering with children in orphanages and the importance of carefully selecting and researching organisations. I share my personal experiences and those of others who are making a difference through sustainable and compassionate travel. 


I'm thankful that you have joined me here. You are the reason I share my personal experiences, in the hope that I can empower you to consider your impact as you travel. This blog is a creative space which empowers travellers to embrace sustainable and ethical concepts. Explore the articles, connect with me and other inspirational travellers featured in the Wanderers Collective.

I hope to bring to light the stories which I feel need to be told. In addition to writing on voluntourism and orphanage tourism, this blog explores a variety of topics including animal welfare, budget backpacking, plant-based living and working abroad.

I will be continuing my journey as I travel and freelance across Indonesia and I hope you will join me here @travelforchangeblog

Be Encouraged To Wander Differently.


"Cherie travels around Southeast Asia and sheds light on both beneficial and detrimental tourism practices, as well as important issues that are present in each region she visits.


This blog provides us with better ways to volunteer to make a difference.

Her posts feature captivating images; her blog is on my list of resources.

"This blog is so important!

Travel and explore more; but be responsible and help make this world a better place.

Sustainable Travel - What a great movement!"

Freedom Chasers

"When we are privileged and blessed enough to travel the world, we need to do what we can in order to do it responsibly!


Cherie's insightful blog, Travel for Change, is such a great resource for people who are wanting to learn how to do so".

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