Travel Upstream BLOG

A personal interview on my experience volunteering & travelling in Southeast Asia for

'Travel Upstream'

Giving It Back: Long-Term Volunteer Teaching Abroad

Southeast Asia Backpacker Magazine

An article on Eco-Friendly Travel advice for anyone planning a trip abroad for 'Southeast Asia Backpacker'

Your 5 Point Guide To Eco-Friendly Travel

Global Groove Life BLOG

An article on contributing to communities whilst abroad for 'Global Groove Life'

How To Feel At Home And Contribute To Local Communities While Travelling 

Plant Based Kate Blog 

An article on Vegan Food options and advice when visiting Cambodia for 'Plant-Based Kate'

Everything You Need To Know About Being Vegan In Cambodia

Plant Based Kate blog

An article on the effects of the current Voluntourism industry in Southeast Asia for 'Plant-Based Kate'

 Are You Doing More Harm Than Good?

Plant-Based Kate


Kate is a travel writer, content creator and eco-friendly wanderer who has passionately shared her incredible wealth of experience with our Travel For Change readers. Kate shared an important article on how we can easily reduce our use of plastic when we travel to Southeast Asia.


I discovered Kate via her beautiful Instagram account and started following her inspirational travel videos on YouTube. Kate shares helpful tips and ideas on veganism including simple ways you can find vegan food abroad and stay healthy no matter where you are! Check out some of her videos for amazing plant-based meal ideas.


Kate is part of the Wanderers Collection on sustainable travel and has published articles for Travel For Change on her own blog. Together we want to continue to share our passion for compassionate living and adventure.


Kate is a certified yoga teacher who is currently living and teaching her practice in India

The WildLife Wanderer


Fee has volunteered with multiple organisations helping animals and giving back to the community around the world. Her blog aims to educate anyone wanting to work with animals and travel sustainably. 


Fee has kindly contributed articles on working with the gibbons in Thailand, Eco-Friendly travel tips and Ethical volunteering with wildlife. I connected with Fee through social media and loved that she was passionately advocating against tourism issues such as taking photos with wildlife and riding elephants. 


 Fee has volunteered at wildlife shelters, veterinary clinics, zoological parks, and dog/cat shelters and writes about her personal experiences on her blog The WilldLife Wanderer.


You can visit her website and learn more about the importance of ethical animal tourism and share her amazing work with anyone who is wanting to give a helping hand to the animals.​








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