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At Travel For Change the aim has always been to share with you the sometimes unspoken words about travelling through Southeast Asia and how we approach volunteering and exploring. For any curious wanderer, volunteering in the local community, presents us with many opportunities and even more challenges. 

I openly write about my personal experience from my time across this incredible region. From teaching English at a municipal rubbish dump on the outskirts of Phnom Penh to teaching at an International School in Bangkok Thailand. 

My life has been truly shaped by the beautiful people I have met and the decision to spend my time in South East Asia since 2010. 

This unique space has grown to be a resource for all who are looking to learn about responsible tourism. The blog advocates for sustainable travel and provides simple ideas for minimising our impact on the earth through a kinder approach to people and our planet.

Most importantly, this platform is a voice for all of the children and young people who deserve love and protection from an industry that markets poverty as a reason to ignore safe practices. 

Travel For Change encourages you to wander differently. 

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